Injector and Top End Cleaner

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Product Description

An extremely effective solvent with deposit control additives which will quickly, effectively and safely clean fuel injectors and help remove upper engine deposits.

•    Will clean fuel injectors
•    Will help remove upper engine deposits
•    Not harmful to any fuel system components including gaskets, hoses, metals, fuel tank bladders fuel pump or O-rings

1.    It is designed to be used with Granitizes Part No. 9210 apparatus which connects to the fuel rail
2.    Pour entire contents of Granitizes AD-45 Injector & Top End Cleaner in the 9210 apparatus.
3.    Disable the vehicles fuel pump and connect the 9210 apparatus to shop air supply.  The 9210 apparatus is now the vehicles fuel tank.
4.    Start the engine and run between idle and 2,000 RPM until product is used up and engine stops running.
5.    Disconnect the 9210 apparatus and any adaptor used.
6.    For best results AD-45 should be used in conjunction with Granitize AD-44 De-Carb via a non-ported vacuum line and AD-43 in the fuel tank.

This service should only be preformed by a qualified service technician.

Part No. AD-45                                                    11 oz. (325 mL) bottle

24 per Case